“Hike day”

The hike day started with the first tasks: tongue twister, human chairs and basketball games; and after completing all of the tasks they were given a hint to find what we were going to do that day because it was a surprise. After the breakfast we made an energizer where we needed to shoot each other and shout the other player’s name as fast as we could.

When we finished the energizer, we went hiking. The rain went along with us through the whole journey and at the middle of the trip started the adventure: we were going very slowly so we need took a shortcut to arrive at time to the meeting point.  When we found the new way we saw that we couldn’t go on, but we decided to set off. Some people stood before the others to open the way because it was closed with a lot of underbrushes, but when we went on, even after all our feet where covered with mud. After some time we realized that there was a river in the middle of our way, so we had to change our path, which forced us to go back the way where we got muddy.

After some time we finally arrived to the meeting point where everyone was eager for coffee break. While we were having it, we started with the second task, which was a discussion about different topics but being on the shoes of people that didn’t share our same opinions. This made people think harder because they needed to find arguments that they didn’t thought of before.

The trip back to the guest house was the most challenging one, because everyone was soaking wet and wanting to go back so they run under the rain as fast as they could even if they were tired. However, some of us were given a ride by a sexy driver all the way back because the rain was too heavy.

When arriving to the guest house, we had our food prepared by one of our participants, who made BBQ for everyone and it was delicious.

While we were having lunch, we had another fun task. This one was about having stickers in our foreheads with an adjective written on it and we couldn’t see what was written in ours. Then the people had to treat us according to our tag and later we discussed how we felt and how people treated us. This task was highly appreciated by everyone as it was fun and at the same time it made you put in the shoes of people that had those labels in their lives.

Afterwards, we had free time! And most of the people take advantage of it to take a deserved nap after a hard day under the rain.

After having dinner, we had an improvised bonfire inside the house with candles and we had our last task which had to do with our greatest fears. These fears where written anonymously and everyone picked one randomly and explained what the understood from it and what advice they would give them, which was really mind blowing because it made you realise that everyone is struggling with something and that we had a lot of fears in common and it made you feel that you’re not alone.

To finish with our day we had party and sauna!! Everyone had so much fun that most of the people went to sleep at 5 a.m.



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